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Are you a Slave to the Nicotine?






Posted March 17, 2015 · IP 


Nicotine is a monster that comes along and takes you captive, it entices you in with promises of a sweeter life, it promises to give you stress free moments, make you a more sociable likeable person, you want to be slim and look cool, nicotine says it can do that for you, you can be an it girl a man of the moment because you smoke.  


Errrm hang on a moment  let reality have a second to speak to you, nicotine is a chain that wraps itself around you, it enslaves you with its addictive drugs, it pulls you in with it's lies, see all the stress that you think nicotine can solve, only you have control to deal with your stress, learn deep breathing (oh I forgot you can't because smoking has damaged your lungs).  You think your an it girl, HA, it girls don't smell of smoke or have a face full of wrinkles and smokers lines, Man of the moment yeah whatever the smoking has dulled your senses, you can't run for that ball anymore.  Your not a sociable person, are you really, everyone is looking out at you not wanting to join you but feeling sorry for you because you are a slave to the nicotine.


If someone said to you see that cliff over there jump off it, would you? No I didn't think so, why would you answer No, because you are not stupid, are you, your in control of what you do, you know that if you jump of that cliff, you will probably die.  So if I offer you a cigarette surely your answer should be the same, No thanks, why would you answer No, because your not stupid, you are in control of what you do, if you carry on smoking you will probably die.  


If you are a slave to the Nicotine, its time you broke free of the chains, take back control of your destiny, take back control of your life. Begin a new journey, one that leads to better times.  The journey will test you at times, but isn't that what we call life, and last time I looked life was for living.


Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/4800-are-you-a-slave-to-the-nicotine/


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