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So, let's have that chat about change of seasons





Quit Date: 07/13/2012


Posted March 5, 2015 


I am so looking forward to Spring...and as much as I complain about winter and wishing I lived in a more Babs friendly climate..I love Spring Fever!  It's a feeling that those who live in milder climates don't experience.  Seeing colors come to life, the birds singing a lovely tune at 6:00 am, the sound of lawnmowers, the smell of rain and fresh cut grass.....oh , i could go on and on!!! 


With this change of seasons, for many...comes triggers!  Many of you are are facing Spring for the first time as a non smoker and you may experience some restlessness in response to these milestones. For example, even though you are enjoying breathing in fresh air as you sit out in your yard on a nice sunny spring day...your addict will remember you sitting outside with a cigarette...associating the feeling of peace and tranquility with the cigarette, rather than just the feeling of being there...enjoying the moment.


That being said....let's focus on what you are looking forward to this Spring as a non-smoker....


Even though this July will be 3 years since I quit...I am still looking forward to going on a hike.  I love hiking but as a smoker I would have to stop every 100 feet and breathe...and of course...after I would catch my breath..I would smoke.  The first year I quit smoking..it was easier.  Last year, easier yet!  I can't wait to see how far I can go this year!! 


I also look forward to keeping up with my 2.5 year old granddaughter on the playground and not be out of breath. 


What are you looking forward to....as a non smoker in the next few months??


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I’m looking forward to actually noticing and enjoying that spring has come this year. As my quit date was March 17th I hardly noticed anything but my suffering last spring. I was a mental wreck! 

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This is, perhaps, an odd one: Not rattling as I walk down a hiking/birding trail. I used to always keep a hardpack of smokes in the right leg pocket of my cargo pants. Because the pack was usually half-gone, it used to rattle with every step I took. In the same pocket, also used to carry a black rubber film cannister for my butts, so that I didn't leave them lying around on trail. And of course they rattled, too. I now see so much wrong with this picture: being fastidious about not leaving butts on the ground while totally ignoring the smoke I put inside me... being literally a walking ashtray. Rattle. Rattle. Rattle. Nope, not this year! I look forward to hearing what the world sounds like.    

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I will be thankful that when I have run errands I will not have to open the car window to let the smoke out. I will really enjoy keeping the air condition on full blast.  I will arrive at my destination sweat and smoke smell free. I will finally get to be one of "those people"  when asked, may I smoke? I can say "yes you may if you enjoy a good walk".

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Oh how I will just enjoy opening up my windows and breathing in some clean fresh air. And I must add that I will be able to really breath much easier and actually be able to smell those roses this time around 😀

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