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Stomach issues got me down

Posted by Dee , 08 June 2017 · 175 views

Haven't written anything in a while about two months ago started having a weird pressure in my lower abdomen. Not like the pains I've had previously when my stomach acted up. Thankfully no where near that pain however this strange constant pressure hasn't let up. So far seen my regular doctor who rushed me off for a CT scan with contrast he was thinking a...


Inspiring Weekend.

Posted by Dee , 24 April 2017 · 265 views

Well it seems like I have been waiting for ever and finally the training has begun to become a Eucharistic Minister. What an exciting Sat. afternoon. I get to St. Agnes and realize WOW the parking lot is full. I sign in and grab a seat the priests and people in attendance were so interesting and inspiring. Next training will be for the homebound and nursi...



Posted by Dee , 11 April 2017 · 278 views

The weather is finally getting nice it so strange trying to stay in the mind set of being a non-smoker. The warm weather makes the urge greater. Sat I spent the day exhausting myself with the thought that physical exhaustion would help. But it is strange the smokes I still miss the most are the ones when I have physically exhausted myself with exercise./a...


New Media

Posted by Dee , 03 April 2017 · 259 views

New Media Absolutely loving my new art class having so much fun trying out new media's to work with. Its kinda of cool to be so excited by a hobby that you want rush home to work on it. Friday all I kept thinking about was what crappy weather I would much rather be home with my art. But I must say dinner with my girlfriend turned out to be very nice. Feeling very...


Somber St. Patricks Day

Posted by Dee , 17 March 2017 · 323 views

Today started out like any other put on my Green and beads even added my shamrock earning. I arrive at work to receive horrible horrible news. St Particks Day will never be the same a very good friend had a massive stroke last night. The girls all text back and forth that it was bad one by one we all tell our bosses and each other we are on the way. Went...


Thought for the moment

Posted by Dee , 15 March 2017 · 180 views

I just discovered days have gone by and haven't had any thoughts or desires to smoke. What a great feeling. I guess that's how it works. Days start to go bye and you don't even realize the routine has been successfully changed slowly and steadily. And the thoughts no longer posses all your thinking and time.

My friend at work comes past I think pew she s...


Good things

Posted by Dee , 03 March 2017 · 135 views

Oh my I am so exciting this week I feel like this is one of my best weeks ever. Got a call from my Church, just when I had given up to begin training for becoming a Eucharistic Minister. Sent my letter to Father Bob for Parish approval. This seems meant to be since I finally stopped smoking. It's like God was waiting now I will not need to worry do I smel...


Lent begins

Posted by Dee , 28 February 2017 · 137 views

Approaching the season of Lent again at least this year I won't need to add giving up cigarettes to the list. How ironic I considered this a sacrifice when I was smoking just goes to show how brain washed you become as a smoker. I will however be giving up sweets and dessert and that should help with the couple extra pounds I gained since quitting. I look...


Saturday blues

Posted by Dee , 27 February 2017 · 170 views
nostolgic thinking
Was not quite sure how to make a blog but I think this might work.
So Saturday I found myself fondly missing smoking. It was a strange trigger as most people wouldn't agree but the cigarettes I miss the most are the ones after a heavy workout and yes I smoked after heavy exercise, also after serious hiking trips or kayaking adventures. When I was totally...

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