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The weather is finally getting nice it so strange trying to stay in the mind set of being a non-smoker. The warm weather makes the urge greater. Sat I spent the day exhausting myself with the thought that physical exhaustion would help. But it is strange the smokes I still miss the most are the ones when I have physically exhausted myself with exercise./activities/ cleaning or errands. I wonder how long before my brain will be re-trained for those moments. I haven't written much in these blogs. Never really got the whole Blog. I was a big journal keeper always was. But that is so much more private. It doesn't lay out there for others to see. Journaling helped me travel to where I am today. Journaled through the end of my terrible marriage journaled through my days in Al-non journaled through most all life struggles. Those memories are recorded and kept in a safe place. They all reside in a box a box of memories and tribulations. My sister also is a journaler we have an arrangement is something suddenly happens to either one of us the other knows where the box of journals are. And we are each charged with removing the box so nobody will ever peep into the most private parts of our life. So anyway Blogging seems similar to Journaling but one is for no one else to ever see the other seems like thoughts you wish to share with whom who knows maybe just yourself maybe with others. Spring is making me feel nostalgic and actually sad yesterday it made me sad. I couldn't put a finger on why the sadness but it was there under the surface. Maybe Spring starts the thinking process because after the sleep of nature during Winter everything is now waking and becoming new. Just a thought to think about.

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I too am a little concerned about the changing of seasons. I used to really enjoy sitting out on my deck having a smoke after doing yard work in the warmer weather. Hopefully I can compensate for that somehow.

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I know I will have to find a way to keep my hands busy.... maybe I will need to keep some bubble for blowing to give my breath something to do..

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Yeah, I find weather to be a trigger too. We had a rain storm the other day. I work in a creative field, and one part of my work is photography. I often photograph stormy scenes for a few on-going client projects, so I grabbed my camera and headed out the door. But kept thinking I forgot something. Well, I'm used to grabbing my camera and my smokes. So, the storm and the camera made me want a smoke. I said no out loud and went to shoot. Once I got busy it was ok. I think we need to be aware those triggers will come, but once you're out a few times in those triggering situations and don't smoke, it should start to get better. I think the mind will get used to the fact that you no longer have to smoke when x or y is happening or when the sun is shining a certain way or, in my case, when stormy weather comes and I head out to shoot. The brain just needs to form a few new pathways, I think. 

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You're right. I think it will really take a full year before we are re-programed to do stuff without immediately thinking about smoking. That's the reason for the 1 year pledge here. Even though you may feel confident in having a handle on your quit after a few weeks/months; it's those seasonal triggers that can catch you by surprise. If you are no longer committing daily to not smoking, you may just find yourself giving into one of those urges at some point. Stay strong people - protect that quit!

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