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  1. @Nancy @Sazerac Thank you both very much! Advice well and truly accepted, especially the dance! As I have broken the quit today there is no point in saying that I'm not going to have another today, that's not going to happen with the packet outside. I will give the packet to my husband and start again tomorrow. Definitely committing to the not one more puff ever.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm new to the site, but not new to quitting! My quit date was 25/11/18 so my last fag was Sunday, well until 30 minutes ago. I have attempted to quit so many times before I have actually lost count. Each of my quits vary from 1 week to 12 months. Each break in quitting always comes back to handling stress or anxiety. This quit is based on the east way and Jason Vales app. I have found this week really quite easy, one of the easiest yet. But today I have been faced with a stressful task a t work where I can't see a solution to a problem, so I have really craved. I used the SOS videos, went for a walk, did some deep breathing had something to eat and drink but still gave up and went to the shop. Now I have 20 fags (well 19 now) which I don't want but I know I will end up smoking! I keep coming back to both of the above methods and their comments that we don't start smoking because we think it will help us with stress...BUT I did. When I was 12 years old (now 26), both my parents were very heavy smokers when I was growing up (one still is) and they always use to say 'I'm stressed I need a fag' so when I was 12 and in a state (of what I thought then to be) of stress I thought that the only was that I could get through it was to smoke and I genuinely thought (and still do, to some degree) that it stopped my stress. So now each time I am in a stressful situation I just don't seem to be able to get a handle on my emotions and smoke! Does anyone have any advice, please!? Thank you and sorry for the long post!

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