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  1. Here's one, I just got back this week from a week long cruise. I didn't realize or pay attention to just how many people actually smoked before. My spouse still smokes so I went up to the smoking side one afternoon. I couldn't get over the smell that was up there. I found myself feeling like you Jim. I ended up telling her I didn't belong there any longer and left. I left feeling like a snob but I couldn't help it. I pray I never fall because I saw so much self destruction that week ,  and I honestly don't remember noticing that or smelling that much smoke. I actually found myself struggling to breathe at times. I like this so much better, let's never fail.

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  2. Was it not just part of the times though? I mean where I grew up it was smoking cigarettes, drinking, and just generally being Johnny bad ass. And in my case I started driving trucks in the oil field's and smoked to stay awake all night. I mean... were we really duped? My  mom and dad smoked and I don't know why, but I was the only one out of 4 that picked up the nasty habit. I wish I never would have but it is what it is. I only have myself to blame, I do wish I could lay it on someone else but I have to suck it up. All we can do is move forward and try to make the best of our situation now. 

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  3. You have been one of the ones I've admired since I came on board MLMR. You have my thoughts with with you. Hang on and stay strong you are one of the best. Just be what you have to be. You have lot's of support here. I know I'm late here but still thinking of you.

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  4. Not breathing or struggling too is a horrible feeling. After smoking close to 40 years it’s a wonder I can breathe at all. Our bodies must be tougher than we give it credit for. I hope they get you taken care of sooner than later. I just didn’t think it made any sense that you could quit smoking and breathe worse than what did while smoking.  I think that is one reason it’s been somewhat difficult for me of late. Best wishes Abby.

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