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  1. Wow just what I needed this morning. Such an outstanding read and it sure hits about my feelings at the beginning of my quit. I have to keep reminding myself not to over think the process and just take it moment by moment. For me day 3 is brutal. Comfort comes from knowing I have a place to come to. Reading and watching videos helps ease the pain. Did sleep better last night. Going to get up and start moving today.
  2. Thanks for all your wise words. Forgot about drinking water for gosh sakes. Was so thirsty and had a nice big glass of ice water and boy did it do the trick. It tasted so refreshing and got me through a crave. Not thinking so clearly today. Many moments of anxiety still occurring today but managed to work my way through them. Hanging in there. Maybe by a thread at times but not going to let 2 days of hard fighting slip through my fingers. 2 days. So proud that I made 2 whole days. I wish I could respond to each of you as all your responses are much appreciated. Just not real computer literate. But know that each and everyone of you are so important in my quit journey. Give me time and I will figure my way around here. I admire all of you for the great help you give here.
  3. Well spent time watching videos most of day. Running on empty with just 4 hours of sleep. Very anxious on top of being so over tired. Going to go out in a few days and get a notebook and start making some lists of progress, benefits of quitting and yes things I can buy with all the money I am saving. Having a heck of a time just trying to type this. Never had to correct so many spelling errors. Can't seem to even hit the right keys today. Body screaming for nicotine but doing everything in my power to distract myself. Breathing long deep breaths is helping. Almost to the point of tears but I sm stubborn and refuse to give nicotine that sstisfaction. Geez another typing mishap. See what I .mean. Best I quit typing now and nust read. Day 2 almost done. Hope I get some sleep tonight.
  4. Ty Sazerac. Will certainly read that. Have been going through the green sticker things. Not only are they helpful but helps keep my mind off this withdrawal nightmare.
  5. Thank you all once again. I take each and every response to heart. There is so much here to read and learn from. I have closed the book on day one. It was difficult I must say but am proud I stuck it out. Reading others quits has been a blessing today. So inspiring to read how many long time smokers have quit and stayed that way. So glad I have found all of you.
  6. Hi Linda. I am new but wanted to let you know that I have been following your quit. Sorry you were going through a rough time and glad to read you are ok. You inspire me to keep going.
  7. Thank you all. Been a heck of a day. Morning was rough but I managed to do some breathing exercises and it helped. Looked at lots of videos at whyquit. Getting close to that one day down. So many emotions. Geez I can't stand myself today. Fighting hard to get through the craves. Withdrawal truly sucks. Doing this no matter how hard it gets. Thanks for making me feel so welcome.
  8. Thank you all for the responses. Took a nice long hot shower which seemed to calm me down some. Ate some chips and when I was finished reached for a cigarette. Had to remind myself that I no longer smoke. Working through the crave. Took a tylenol pm to help me get through tonight. Reading here and watching some videos have helped me so far. Already took my pledge for tomorrow. One day at a time.
  9. ?Found this site a few weeks ago. I have been reading at whyquit and here also. Been a pack(sometimes more) for 51 years. Never really tried wholeheartedly to quit. Don't know why I chose today but feeling the way I feel I knew it was time. Thought about it alot today and just knew it was now or never. After reading stories here I felt why not just get things started. Of course the anxiety of quitting is ever present. Why is that? Why do I feel so sad and down? Actually had a crying spell. I know this is not the right frame of mind. I am going to go cold turkey. I am down to my last cigarette and yes no more when I finish this last one. I will be back to make my nope pledge for tomorrow. Thank you in advance for your help. I want this so badly. I will not fail.

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