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  1. Hi Saz, Just heard about sub-Tropical Storm Alberto. Thinking of you and hoping you stay dry. 

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    2. lml


      Hi Saz, it has been raining for at least 3 weeks. Quite unusual. You sound preparef, but it looks like you wknt get the worst of it. Omg...it is just a subtropical and it has caused so much rain and wind. Several tornado watches. Be safe and be dry.

    3. Sazerac


      You have been soaking in it Iml, for true.  How's Okeechobee ?

      I'm fine, really pretty weather, a bit of dry North wind, delicious and clear blue blue.

      You must be going crazy.

      Glad you don't smoke anymore, Iml,

      but, cabin fever might give you testy moments with all your rain. 

      The sun will shine again...

    4. lml


      Lol...testy is a good word for it. O am being tesyed, and i act testy. I am glad i dont smoke too. 

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