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  1. WTF is with the identity change, I liked the scarred kitty, I was comfortable with the scarred kitty, the scarred kitty made me think ooh I better not smoke or the scarred kitty might get me ... BUT NO... Now its a grey circle with NOPE...nope is good but grey circle??? And it's not even a circle...its unevenly incomplete and my OCD is not liking if it very much...every time I see a post of yours I freak at the gaps in the circle not matching... Now you know why I don't do Jarlsberg...aargh do you really want me more insane than normal !!!!! I've tried all day to adjust to it but I just cana do it captain.

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    2. notsmokinjo


      WooHoo....thank you?...and an awesome song to have stuck in my head all day...love it.


    3. Whispers


      First song i thought of and im not sure why i changed it, NOPE pic was like a post it reminder of my choice i guess but i do agree the snow tiger i do like

    4. jillar


      I LOVE my Eminem, he's on my list lol. Welcome back whispers

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