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  1. do you know for a fact they relapsed and never came back? or are you assuming that because they were once active on the forum and never came back, they they must have relapsed? i know that, for me, forums aren't the end all be all. i clung to a forum way too much when i was going through my opiate withdrawal stuff eight years ago and i vowed to never cling to another forum during something hard again. maybe it's just my personality - but i felt alone when i would post [on that other forum eight years ago] and nobody would respond because it wasn't very active [at that time - now it's boomi
  2. i agree with others that vaping can lead to smoking [again] but we also have to keep in mind that everyone is different. my brother vapes and has for a few years now with zero nicotine; can't stand the smell of cigarettes, you name it. so, i don't think it's IMpossible to do and none of us are medical experts who can diagnose whether it will or will not happen to someone - whether it be a past smoker or someone who's never picked up a cigarette a day in their lives, like my brother. it's all case by case situation just like our quits are and have been. keep up the good work, jules.
  3. i am so sorry that i have not posted here in some time. i am heading into day 10 and to say it has been hard would be a complete understatement. after taking pain pills every day, 10-12 times a day, for nine years - i can honestly say that i handled my withdrawal much better than i am with this. but, at the end of the day, i am still keeping my quit - have kept my quit - and feel like i am getting more life back with every day that is passing. i have strayed from posting here all day every day, like i did in the beginning, because i do not want to become reliant on this site. i know that s
  4. i know i bring this up in a lot of my posts [or have] but i am sober from pain pills eight years now. one thing i learned from that, is that everyone's body is different - therefore, what we go through when it comes to withdrawals is going to be different than the next person. and although i say this to you, i can honestly say that you sound just like me [once again] with what i have been going through, withdrawal wise. i have had some horrible diarrhea issues. sorry, not sorry. i mean THE WORST, haha! i have had some horrible acid reflux as well and it is bothering me as well. my
  5. i have heard the same. my husband, who vapes still [ugh, wish he wouldnt] can actually go a couple of days without vaping. i have wondered this, too, if it is other ingredients in cigarettes and not just nicotine. my honest opinion? to avoid it......avoid it all. i replaced cigarettes with werthers and strawberries, LOL
  6. hi all! i am on day nine and doing well. been SUPER busy lately, so i apologize i have not posted much on here. but i promise i am still here and doing well! xoxoxo
  7. HEY! I am here, sorry. Been busy with some things. No worries, still keeping the quit! My life has consisted of errands and watching Netflix to try and distract myself. The cravings were bad on day three and I mean B A D - but I have noticed that it gets SLIGHTLY easier......but not by much. Sorry all - I promise I am still here
  8. made it past 72 hours. hot diggty damn!

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