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    Starting over have been on other sites just need a fresh start. My health is important to me and smoking gets in the way of a lot of good things. I was going to wait till tomorrow but just don't want to put it off any longer.
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    Happy smoke free holidays everyone!! Still going! Will be more social online after all the offline social pressure is off.
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    Still Nope-ing everyday!! Just not spending time online.Busy as hell.. but still onboard! #positivequit
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    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.
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    Isn't it amazing that when you put a believe so strong into your mind you can achieve even the most impossible things ? All it took to me was the holy walk, anyone can have their holy walk in different ways as long as they persist unto believing it above all things.
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    And just like that, 1 month goes by. I'm proud of my quit, no nicotine patches, no urges at all, being healthy starts being fun. It's like my brain just switched off the part that told me to smoke.
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    I miss seeing you around here. Hope you're ok and come back soon x
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    Small pre-month party: 4 weeks smoke free!! Hell yeah!!
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    The nicotine patches did help build my starting ramp, however after falling a sleep a couple of times with them and having sleep paralysis, it suddenly didn't become fun. However I know it's for the better, it happened because it was a revelation to what I really had to do, I'm able to do it on my own and that's all I have to care about, the nicotine levels are starting to drop to their lowest as I'm on my second day, so 1 more day and I should be clean. I love my new self and while I'm able to feel this love I will fight this addiction as well as help others fight it.
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    ahhhh. 31 years ago was my first day of work here... today I leave it behind... retirement starts now!
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