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4 April



Feeling   deeply off (collective grief, I think).  No off switch,  minimal awareness, and even less discipline around eating right now.  Considering it a great day if I manage to shower, dress and care for my teeth.    Pretty sure some of it is due to not being in the cigarette~task loop anymore.  HURRAY!  and of course some of it is due to Stay at Home/Covid-19 safety practices. 

                       To spend just a moment here... I used to punctuate my day with smoking.  Could measure many things by the number of smokes I had.  I was pretty dedicated to smoking between tasks, so find I am getting less done. Subconsciously avoiding craving triggers?   Lazy?  Don't really think I want to substitute something for that particular punctuation....although a big glass of water or challenge exercise would be a great substitute....hmmm...


On the plus side , I am hydrating lots, walking lots (3ish miles today and Mani cat did them , too...he's exhausted), enjoying being with my marvelous man (glad he likes me even when I have the personality and attitude of a wet dishrag),  planning and planting food and flower garden.


on the covid thing.... some of this stuff is just ridiculous to me.  This is where my fatalistic and always see the bad side magnified works to my advantage.  I stopped going out March 1st. e have very limited contact of people on the property we live on.    Some of "the next logical step" things seem so basic and that people are not doing or oblivious has me awestruck.

off to watch the nightly scare (news).


Best of all to each of you.  Love hard on the people in your life.   OIP.tR1RuhgUv4IeoorCYeuI9AHaHa?w=203&h=1   Do the things you have never done.  I am learning to play happy birthday on the harmonica.

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