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Close encounters of the smoking kind



I couldn't postpone it any longer. I had to bring some stuff over to a friend, who smokes. I warned him ahead - do not feed my addiction and please keep the smoking paraphernalia out of sight. 

Unfortunately he forgot... so he lit one right up next to me. Asking me if I wanted one. "HELL NO! I quit remember?"  He felt very embarrassed and took everything out of the room immediately while apologizing a lot. 

I went on and on about this forum, and about my pledge every day and how solid I feel in this quit. Which made me choose the right option and leave early. The smell was so bad, but it somehow crept up and fed my addiction voice. So I bolted after some hasty goodbye hugs. 

I have the need to thank you all again, you all make my quit so much brighter and funnier. It is so good to feel connected to a group of people that have the same state of mind: 

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Soon, you will be able to be around smokers and not be tempted


As long as you remain true to your commitment to Not One Puff Ever (NOPE) nothing can cause a relapse.


The stench may become repugnant which makes it hard to be around smokers but, there is no crave.


For some,  profound feelings of compassion replace temptation.


You are free, they are slaves to nicotine addiction.  You can go 20 minutes w/out having smokey thoughts take over your life, they cannot.


This freedom is so precious and worth everything to preserve.   Protect your quit with your life.


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I bet your friend will not forget that encounter - lol

Good for you in facing that and winning! Shows your commitment is strong and you are on solid ground.

And you're right. Being around a group of others with the same commitment as you and who have experienced the same stuff as you are now going through is a powerful tool. That will become even more important down the road as many around you may start taking it for granted that your quit is done and in the past when in reality, you will still have work to do in crafting your new smoke free life. I would definitely post up in the 1 year pledge. You know there are different seasonal triggers that come up with the changing of the seasons. Those can present new challenges you haven't had to deal with yet. That's what makes the 1 year celebration (the Lido party) such a big deal. Doesn't mean you are completely done building your life long quit but it does mean you have likely seen all the triggers you will need to deal with.

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Wow !!!...you were tested today ....and you came out a winner.

You kept your precious quit ....I'm so happy and proud for you ...

Yes ....go and do the yearly pledge ...it's another tool to fight with ....


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