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three days

christine 12


I've hit the three day mark. Yay! I suppose I'm doing pretty good, I haven't been obsessing over cigarettes like I was last time. I guess I'm just too busy and stressed out to be obsessing over it. Lots of cravings, but not obsessing for hours at a time. Quite irritable yesterday. I feel less irritable this morning. I am quitting caffeine as well. Doctor's orders. So I will be drinking my last cup tomorrow morning. I had to cut down over several days. I have had insomnia the past three nights. it gets better each night. I got a little pissed yesterday morning as I woke up, when I realized I couldn't have a cigarette,and I said "goddammit!". I just have to remind myself I CAN if I want, I just choose not to. I CHOOSE NOT TO!!!!

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"I just have to remind myself I CAN if I want, I just choose not to. I CHOOSE NOT TO!!!!"


Keep making that choice and you will be free before you know it. Keep going girl.

So to paraphrase one of the best motivational speeches ever, Alan Jeans 1989 grandfinal address.... "In every *quit* there's going to be a crossroads and when you get to that crossroad you either step up or you step down". .... "Not only you gotta play it moment by moment, contest by contest; Do not accept what is going on"  because it is a contest, you are in a battle with the nicodemon.... and don't accpet what is going on... don't accept the message of the craves you don't need to smoke, it wont make it better... just bristle up, grit your teeth and keep on keeping on.




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Christine, way to go jumping back on the train again. I like the tenacity, you know it is time for you, but you need to make it stick so you don't have to keep going through this early phase.

There is going to be up and downs on this rollercoaster, make sure you have clear in your head everything that this quit means to you. Spend a lot of time here if you can to distract and educate yourself.


I wish you a whole lot of strength and shout when you need.

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This might just be your defining moment C12. Think about that for a moment.

Love Jo's quote about Crossroads and stepping UP or stepping DOWN!

Always step UP!! This is the road to freedom :) Life long is possible for all of us and YES, that includes you C12!

Be kind to yourself in these early days C12. You know quitting is worth the effort or else you wouldn't be here :)

We are cheering you on!


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