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I Didn't Click "Send"



"Hey, buy me a pack of smokes on your way home..."

"Stop by the smoke shop and bring me a pack?"

"Rough day, can you grab me some smokes?"

I typed those out in my head, to my husband, over and over this afternoon, but I never sent them.

I haven't had a cigarette since October 16th.  No nicotine since last Thursday and here we are on Tuesday and I'm still hyper obsessed with cravings and withdrawals.  Seems they have been lasting all morning for several hours the last few days -- just relentless.

Whoever made the video claiming that after the 3rd day without nicotine your little cravings will "happen 3 times a day lasting 5 minutes each" was entirely and utterly hallucinating -- or straight up lying.

Still coughing a little, nothing productive but it won't go away.  

I've put on probably 10 pounds in the last month now and all for the sake of feeling every bit as crappy today as I did the first few.  On a positive note: donated ALL the rest of the Halloween candy to deployed troops so several purposes were served... soldiers get a little treat, daughter learns about giving thanks & showing appreciation, none of that stuff can make my ass any bigger now.

3 cheers for tomorrow not sucking as badly as today did.

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Something to remember when you feel like giving up. 2 or ten or 30 days in.....there are thousands of smokers who wish they had a Two day quit. Shit- just two months ago YOU wished you had a Two day quit.  It's hard work and don't give up just to start again in a few years....cause most go a few more years before quitting again. 

So one smoke....years more and wasted effort. 

You are well on your way to a life you will love

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The faster you dismiss a crave, the less they will bother you.  Tell yourself, "It's not an option, let's move on."

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