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November 8 2017

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Hello Blog.......feeling kinda strange today........little blips of "IWAC" but not really......kinda weird, they're not really serious thoughts, more like just little balloons of thoughts that pop.......the thought comes and then when I think of how horrible it REALLY will be, its like "No thank you, Im good"......other than that feeling kinda energetic and spunky........getting ready to do some walking, then come home and take care of other things.......maybe make a homemade carrot cake with the carrots from out of my garden.......making a homemade pizza tonight for supper and get some work done of the computer for my biz.......

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I'm glad things aren't too intense for you today Lisa. Nice to have a break in the "action" from time to time. When I was a little further into my quit, I got an urge to smoke one day and I tried to imagine myself smoking in my mind and ...... I couldn't!! I just couldn't see myself with a smoke hanging out of my mouth any longer. That was a very powerful moment for me. I have drawn on that visualization a few times since.

Keep that feeling you had today in mind as you move forward. Your brain is telling you that you want one but, when you just stop and think about it for a moment. You KNOW you don't! Does nothing good for you and puts you right back to square 1 again. NOT where you want to be. Carry on &, enjoy that home made Pizza (Yummm).

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