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The Weird Things I did to Quit Smoking




Quit Date: May 27, 2014


Posted July 12, 2016 


The following was some of the more weird things I did


while going through the stress of decompress.






Sharpen knifes.  Oh Vay!  scrape, scrape, scrape....


Take your time with it.  Focus on getting the sharpest edge.


All my knifes are very sharp.




Emptied out my ashtray into a glass jar (with lid).  Added a 


bit of water to the mix.  When I feel the need I take a good 


long look at this stuff.  If I still feel the need I unscrew the


lid and take a long deep whiff.  Really brings back the whole


smoking experience - to include the gagging, retching, and 


full body coughing.




If the time and place allows for it; a good stiff drink.  


One shot only!  


Purely for medicinal purposes.  


Bonus points for Barcardi 151.




A personal favorite.  Chopping Wood.  Nothing like swinging an axe 


to work out the aggression and utter unfairness that constant 


denial piles onto my little psyche.  Plus, I'm doing something 






Hold your breath until the desire to breath meets and exceeds 


the desire to smoke.  While holding your breath contemplate


how each cigarette you consume brings you closer to holding your


breath involuntarily. Breathing is far more satisfying then smoking.




Enjoy a fresh Jalapeño. Pop the whole thing in your mouth and 


chew slowly.  mmmmmm...  Bonus points for not having water 


near at hand.  


Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/7287-the-weird-things-i-did-to-quit-smoking/


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