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Quit Date: 02/04/2015


Posted March 3, 2015 


I've been doing some research online - various sites - and one thing I've noticed is that all those into new quits are extremely impatient, including me. All the newbies are asking, "When will this fatigue get better?" "I feel like crap...when will it go away? "My sleep is all off..." and I won't even go into the weight thing. The general sense I have is newly quits are a pretty impatient lot.


I think part of it is what I'll call the "freak out" ---


There are so many changes going on, good and bad. It's almost like being a teenager. It's just a general freak out, at not having a handle on what's going on with the body, the mind, the emotions, one's responses and reactions to the outside world.


As well, teens have more social pressures, increasing responsibilities, heavier workloads...


When my son was a teen he'd open the refrigerator door and just stand there...


I'd say, what are you doing?, if you want something, get it and close the door...why are you standing there...?


He'd act like he was just waking up, would say, I don't know what I want...and he'd close the door, but would be back 20 minutes later and do the same thing all over again.


That about sums up this experience for me. I'm like a teenager. I don't know what I want.


I think patience would help me see this isn't a bad thing. I'm freaked out because it's all new.


I'm uncomfortable a lot. Like a teenager. But hey, being teenager-like at my age is okay for now.


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Love the analogy of the teenager standing in front of the open fridge, I do this often after dinner,,, what's next!  Well we all know what used to be next, now for me that popsicle is the cure... 

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