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Traveling as a smoker





Quit Date: 05/24/2012


Posted May 7, 2017 


I went on a trip to Texas recently for work and brought a co-worker with me.  She smokes.  We agreed to meet at a local mall and then drive together to the airport.  When I got there to pick her up she was pacing back and forth outside the vehicle, in the rain, getting those last puffs in.  At the airport she tried to find a time to smoke but things moved too quickly and she was not able to before we boarded.  Everywhere we went the next few days were HELL for her because she couldn't smoke.  


Meanwhile, I had a great time!  It still amazes me when I travel how easy it is now.  No stressing to find a place to smoke.  No withdrawl...just a relaxing time. :)



Life after quitting is so much better.  For anyone on the fence or in the early days of your quit keep going!  It gets so much easier.  Don't live your life desperately searching for the smoking area.  There's nothing for you there.


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Yes! Such a silver lining to quitting. No more planning my flight itineraries around which airports had smoking lounges (back in the day) or which airlines had available seats in the smoking section (WAY back in the day). More recently, no more mad dashes to the airport gate because my trip outside to the curb for a smoking fix took too long. No more wanting to claw my eyeballs out due to nicotine deprivation on cross country flights. As @reciprocity said recently, traveling is truly simpler and less stressful (and much less stinky) as a nonsmoker.

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