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No Matter What, Right?




Quit Date: 1/29/2017


Posted September 1, 2015 


In 4 days I will celebrate my 10 month mark.  I've not had a single puff in these 10 months.  I did not sacrifice a single inhale to death sticks.  Astounding!!!


To quit smoking has been my number one, most important goal.  Nothing has come before it.  I've made it this far because I've made this quit my top priority.  If the choice is between smoking a cigarette OR:


punching myself in the face

slamming my head into walls

running 3 times a day even when my bones ACHE

potentially losing my job

inflicting minor damage to my skin

gaining 20 pounds

arguing and screaming with my boyfriend

asking for help from strangers on this forum

baking bread/cakes every night in 90 degree heat


I choose the latter - - - because the rules remain:




To apply these hard-fast rules is the only way to break this incredible addiction. 


Quitting is not for everyone.  Undoing a lifelong dependency, undoing a lifelong coping mechanism, proves too difficult for many folks. 


But I will overcome.  I do not want to forfeit my life to submission & servitude.  I will no longer play supplicant to a host of deadly chemicals.


Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/5916-no-matter-what-right/


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"Quitting is not for everyone."


That is only true if you give in to the addiction. ANYONE can quit smoking if they put in the effort and the self discipline needed.......

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