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Too Late to Quit





El Bandito

Quit Date: 27/01/2014


Posted April 5, 2014  


I have smoked for 30 years, Man and Boy. 


I started at 13 years old. Usual stuff - I wanted to be cool, grown up.


I quickly got into my stride - comfortably putting away 2, 3 packs a day throughout my twenties and thirties. I had a couple of goes at quitting - the usual stuff - girlfriends nagging, a health scare or two. A couple of times I was quit for months at a time.


Then, change of girlfriend or emotional trauma and I was back to a pack a day and more.


In the back of my mind, I knew that I was a smoker for ever. My family all smoked.


Some people are non-smokers who smoke - and some are proper smokers. I am a proper smoker. A cigarette looks great in my hand. It suits me. Bad cold? I can smoke through it. Freezing outside - I can go out in a tee shirt - a man has got to smoke.


As I moved into my 40s, it was getting harder to be a smoker. Bans everywhere. Hell, I didn't even smoke in my house!

But quit? Nah - it's too late for me. I'm a proper smoker. I have a stressful job - and need to have a smoke. 






Nobody is a proper smoker.

Nobody looks good with a cigarette. They just look addicted.

Nobody suits a cigarette.


Cigarettes cause stress - not relieve it.


There are many many way ways to quit smoking. Information on pretty much all of those ways can be found around here. Here you will also find people just like you - people who quit years ago, months ago, weeks ago, yesterday. We help each other. It's what we do.


So - if you are here for the first time, are just having a browse, or believe that you can't quit - because you are a 'proper smoker' - do yourself a favour read some more. 


Two final things.


1. Every successful quit starts just like yours. Decide to quit. Believe - And you will

2. I'm a proper non-smoker. Check my signature below...


Anyone can quit. Why not do it?


Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/254-too-late-to-quit/


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