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Expect, Detect, Reject





Quit Date: 10/07/2013


Posted March 14, 2017


When I first quit I found that I could obsess about wanting to smoke, if I let myself.  You'll drive yourself loony if you fixate on this.  I expected to have craves.  Expect, Detect, Reject.  Turn your thoughts to something else and by that I mean do something physical.  I would get up and start doing something because it would force me to focus on what I was doing, instead of what I wasn't (smoking).  I can tell you that it doesn't take long before the craves do away, especially if you train your mind to deal with these unwanted thoughts.  :)



I Want One!

Video discusses how to stop the internal debate that often occurs after quitting.






Will I Ever Stop Thinking Of Cigarettes?

Most people overestimate how much of a battle staying smoke free will be once they quit smoking. This video discusses how people will generally stop thinking about smoking, and much sooner than they usually think.






Frequency And Duration Of Thoughts And Urges

Smokers often want others to tell them how many urges they are likely going to have when first quitting smoking, how strong will they be, how long will they last and will they face these urges for the rest of their lives. This video addresses these concerns and gives some practical advice as to how to deal with urges when and if they do occur.





Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/8192-3-min-my-ass/ 





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