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So you want to stop smoking ..





Quit Date: 2-28-2014


Posted November 28, 2014 · IP 


Good for you!


After 9 months smoke free, I can tell you it will be the best decision you ever make - Hands down.


Will I tell you it will be easy? No. Will I tell you it can be easy? Yes. My dad put down his cigs about 20yrs ago and never looked back, for him it was easy, maybe you will be one of those who can just walk away, .... if you're like me, some days will be better than others... but oh sooo worth it!!


Some advice,


Once you put down your last cig, say to yourself and others "I've quit smoking".. DON'T say "I'm trying to quit"... once you put out that last cig YOU ARE QUIT.. ..unless you light another one and smoke it - you are quit!! ,..own it.. be proud of it..


Don't be afraid to ask for help, support, a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen, whatever it is you need in that moment to get you thru - ask,.. this addiction can be tough,.. but it can be beat, and we are here to help, so let us know what you need.


Mark Twain said "It's easy to quit smoking, I've done it a thousand times"... a good number of us here on the QT can say the same, .. we've stopped only to start again,.. until we came here ... here we have the support when we need it, -  the laughter and silliness when we need that - distraction when we need that...


You can quit today and next year at this time you can be celebrating your one year quit...



  One way I look at my quit is that it has been a lot  like the wheels on the train,...they moaned and groaned and spun wildly as they tried to grip the rail to gain traction at the beginning,.. but slowly it got easier, the wheels took hold, they turned faster as one day turned to another.. I worked hard to move ahead and not look back, .. there where a few "hills" that were hard to climb and to be honest I really thought of taking the easy way out a few times, but I didn't.. I dug deep pushed forward and with encouragement and support from the QT family I made it to the "top of the hill" and then coasted down the other side..


I didn't give up on me..they didn't give up on me... and they/we won't give up on you... 


Only you can put that cig in your mouth and light  it.


Only you can decide NOT to light the next one..just that next one


........make that decision and  we'll be here to support you  ... 


 I promise  :)


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