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Stupid things that smokers say





Quit Date: 12 Oct 13

Posted May 6, 2014 


I think this would be a useful thread to remind ourselves what we used to be like when we were smokers…


There is a person in my office, who is probably mid-twenties and is a smoker.  Our cleaning lady (an elderly lady who I believe is an ex-smoker and always says exactly what is on her mind!) was speaking with him about him smoking and asked him (as you do) – when are you going to give up smoking?  What happens when you get cancer and it’s too late? (she has a way with words don’t you think!).  Anyway his reply was:  ‘IF it gets to that point, I will just keep on smoking, if it is too late…  It’s not just smoking that causes cancer – walking down the street breathing in carbon monoxide from car exhausts increase the risk of cancer.  Besides, I enjoy smoking and I could get hit by a bus tomorrow anyway…'


I was sitting quietly just listening, thinking – did I used to sound like that?  Was I so in denial that I would lie to myself (and everyone else) to justify that I could carry on smoking and it would be OK?  And believing all the lies I was feeding myself?  The answer is yes, I was that person just 7 months ago.  Addiction sucks 😞


So, has anyone else heard any ‘good ones’ lately?


Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/1185-stupid-things-that-smokers-say/


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