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Dr. Frank Colby


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Dr. Frank Colby is a scientist and researcher who began work for RJ Reynolds in 1951 and has worked for RJ Reynolds ever since. Colby is currently president of Frank G. Colby and Associates, a consulting company funded by R J Reynolds.



  • Q. As you sit here today, do you believe that smoking has caused the death of even one human being?
  • A. I told–I can regurgitate my saying again and again.
  • Q. I’m to repeat the question. As you sit here today, do you believe that smoking has caused the death of even one human being?
  • A. Uh, probably there is one exception. Somebody uses his cigarette to burn his, his home, but not from the point of [unintelligible] health, no.
  • Q. And your position is the same as the tobacco industry’s position, correct?
  • Q. Objection.
  • A. My, my, my position is that the uh connections, allegations of the connection between smoking and health are a matter of controversy. In other words, it is probably no, but we can not deny the possibility it may, there may be a connection. I mean, we regurgitate that for the 15th time. I don’t think there’s any, any need for you–you cannot coerce me into, into lying or whatever you can.



Texas v. American Tobacco Co.

December 19, 1997

  • Motley: “All right. But as far as lung cancer and emphysema, you, Frank Colby, in 1997 do not believe that a single American has ever died from lung cancer or emphysema caused by smoking cigarettes?”
  • Colby: “In and by itself.”
  • Motley: “By itself, all right.”
  • Colby: “By itself, the answer is no.”
  • Motley: “Do you know who Jeffrey Bible is?”
  • Colby: “Yes. He is the Goldstone of Philip Morris.”
  • Motley: “He is what?”
  • Colby: “The Goldstone of Philip Morris.”
  • Motley: “He’s the number one man of Philip Morris?”
  • Colby: “That is correct.”
  • Motley: “Do you know agree or disagree with Mr. Bible who testified when I questioned him that up to 100,000 Americans possibly die from lung cancer caused by smoking every year?”
  • Colby: “I don’t believe Mr. Bible nor the Bible.”
  • Motley: “You don’t believe in Mr. Bible or the Bible?”
  • Colby: “That’s correct.”



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