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  1. All, Thank you for the warm welcome and words of support. I have been really hard on myself since my quit. Sometimes I just can’t get out of my own head and just chill and take things day by day. Working on that, but the anxiety disorder has been whoopin my butt lately. I will continue to frequent QT...This seems like a good group of people here. Glad I found the site! Side note: Yeah, it’s kinda ridiculous, but I did a 6 minute walk test today in my neighborhood. Not scientific, but I was within the norm for my age range (42/m). 650m in 6 minutes and I c
  2. Already lined up to get with a pulmonologist just to check on things.
  3. Forgot to add on that my anxiety has been through the roof. Probably because my quit has not gone how I expected. I honestly didn’t think my breathing was bad when I was smoking and now that I quit it’s eye opening. Honestly, scared sh*tless of having COPD.
  4. I smoked for a little over 22 years. Gave them up at 41. First it was social, then smoking became a coping tool for PTSD and an anxiety disorder I developed while in the military. I managed to retire from the Air Force, but smoked the entire time just to deal. I quit 8 Jan ‘21....132 days as of today. Never touching another cigarette again. I used the tobacco-less nicotine pouches as a way to still get my nic fix....this is my first day without those...we’ll see how that goes. Honestly, I am so pissed off at myself that I didn’t quit sooner. I look at my wife and k

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