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  1. Hi all - just thought I'd share an update with you as it's been a few weeks! The 2 weeks after stepping down to the 14mg patch was rough. I had a lot of cravings during it. 4 days ago I moved down from the 14mg to the smallest 7mg patch (the smallest one). Since stepping down to the 7mg patch, I haven't really had any cravings/withdrawal symptoms or anything like that. I'm confident now I can make it through the whole thing. Overall I'm on 63 day smoking free. On a side note - it has been tough because I have to work from home the next 2 weeks and no volleyball games are they're all cancelled due to virus. Being home alone all day and night makes it a lot tougher to quit than being at work all day and volleyball all night but I know I can do it!
  2. Thanks everyone for the kind words! @Doreensfree your signature itself is motivational; $21,600 saved! That's a new car!
  3. Hi All! Thought I'd send a quick update. I'm up to day 49 with no mess ups! I'm using the Nicoderm patch. 4 days ago I switched down from the 21mg to the 14mg patch. The cravings have been worse the last 4 days after using the lower dose patch, but I'm pulling through!
  4. Hey thanks for checking! I'm on my 21st day now on the patch and no slip ups! Night time hanging out at home is the toughest but no slip ups so far and other than that doesn't seem too bad at all
  5. Hi everyone! I'm on day 15 of quitting. Sunday night I had a volleyball double header (had been off 6 weeks and this was the first night back). I felt fine during the game, but the past 3 days since I've kindof felt short on breath, chest feels tight/sharp pains while breathing. Also while laying down on my right side it hurts (feels better laying on left side). I'm thinking I may have just pulled a muscle in my chest or something after jumping back into volleyball after not playing over a month. I wasn't sure if the stopping smoking may have had an effect on this also? The pain seems to be going away a little each day so wasn't sure if should go to the doctor or wait it out a few more days?
  6. Of course! I am planning to do the 21mg patch for 6 weeks, then switch to 14mg patch for 2 weeks, then 7mg patch for 2 weeks and then no patch beginning on week 10. When I used the patch a few years ago through the whole 10 weeks, I didn't really notice any difference when switching down patches so I'm hoping that will be the case again this time. Will keep you updated
  7. Thanks everyone for the replies! Day 6 was a little tough as went out with friends and had some drinks but I hung in there. Day 7 I didn't have any cravings all day until around 10 at night before bed. Today is day 8 and it's not too bad. A few days after I quit, walking into my place I could smell cigarette smell ( I never could notice before); as a weekend project I painted all my walls. Much better now! Also volleyball season starts up next week so will be doing that 4 nights a week so that will be great to have something to keep me busy (the past week has just been time bored at home).
  8. Hi everyone! I'm on day 4 of the nicoderm CQ patch. Around 3 years ago I made it through the whole 10 weeks of the 3 step patches and had quit smoking for 6 months, then somehow started up again. I'm trying to give it another go because I know the patches work because I did it before. I was a previous pack and a half a day smoker. With the patch so far, I'm not feeling too bothered walking to work, at work, headed home or when I'm playing volleyball/keeping busy/taking my dog for walks. The hardest part is hanging out at home after work. I live alone and and am used to watching tv/smoking while watching at night. Now when I get home and have the whole night free sitting around my condo by myself, all I can do is think of smoking and how I enjoyed it relaxing at home. I'm fine all day long, it's when I get home I'm having the cravings/thoughts. Does anyone have any tips for this?

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