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  1. I didn’t have a quit date for alcohol. I just couldn’t go on one sec longer. I do believe it’s the same with cigarettes. Half measures have never gotten me anywhere. I have started reading info on this site and I will continue. Thank you for the input and support. It’s vital. I really appreciate it !
  2. Thank you for the welcome . I appreciate it. My quit date this time is Dec 8, 2019. I will stick close. I willing to learn. Thanks
  3. I’m new here but I believe in getting help and support from people who understand. I’ve recently gotten sober from alcohol and am very grateful for the new take on life. I want to be smoke free too.. addiction free. I find that cigarettes are doing to me what alcohol used to. I don’t want to continue but have never lived without a crutch. I keep trying to quit on my own but find it’s not working. So I’m reaching out for help hoping that someone with similar experience and advice will reach back.

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