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  1. Thank you all for the warm welcome, I really appreciate it!
  2. Thank you Doreen, just reading your posts over the past couple of weeks has been super inspiring to me. I can honestly say reading the posts on this board has really been a saving grace for me, so I am very very thankful I found it! When I started this quit, I knew that I wanted it, but doubted myself and my ability to actually do it, but then stumbled upon this community and it has really given me the confidence I needed to get into the right mindset to make this quit my last quit. I feel better health wise already, its amazing.
  3. Hi everyone! I am new here, but I will admit to lurking for the last few weeks. I had my last cigarette 2 weeks ago, yay me! I probably won't post a whole lot, but it has been very inspiring and helpful to me to read everyone's posts here. I do intend to do my daily NOPE though. I don't know if my mindset is finally right this time, but so far, things are going pretty good. I smoked way way too long and of course, tried several times to quit, with patches, cold turkey, cutting back, etc. I have read Alan Carr's book, and I re-read it too; however, contrary to what Mr. Carr teaches, I am wearing the patch and aside from the first several days of feeling anxious and a little extra crabby, every day gets a little easier. Evenings are the hardest for me, so with the help of pretzels, candy, chocolate, Netflix binge watching, and going to bed early, I have been able to manage my craves. I saw a couple people in their cars smoking yesterday and all I thought was I feel sorry for them, when with past quit attempts I would always see someone smoking and think I want one too. Now I have no desire for one and I for sure never want to have to quit again, so definitely just NOPE!!

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