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Simple Guide To Freedom



In celebration of my Six Years of Freedom, I wrote this little piece,

now at seven years I re-visit my commitment to NOPE.


  Sazerac's Simple Guide To Freedom


Desire:   You must want to quit more than you want to smoke


Decision:  Make the decision to live life without Nicotine. 


Commitment:  Commit wholeheartedly to live without Nicotine  and intend on standing by your resolve.


Choice:    Choose to never smoke again, EVER.  This choice will empower you in many, many ways.



  “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson



Education * 

Thanks to Joel Spitzer, this site and lurking around the sphere, 

I am still learning everything I can about Nicotine Addiction.

Information is Big Power and I feel sufficiently armed to maintain my quit.



Changing Focus.

It took some doing but, s l o w l y, when junkie thoughts would drag me down, 

I began to train myself to look at something beautiful or think of beauty in some way.

This retrained my brain and also gave me a bump of endorphins.


I use this technique during any moments of distress or discomfort.

These are not nicotine related anymore, just moments of life.


The concept of H.A.L.T. *

(are you Hungry (thirsty), Angry (emotional), Lonesome (bored), Tired)


Nine times out of ten, smokey thoughts weren't about nicotine at all,

it was my body (poor thing) hollering at me to do something life sustaining for it.

Now, the signals are very clear and not related to nicotine in any way.


I also want to share the benefits of Breath.  Deep, calming breaths of Oxygen.

An elixir to sharpen and focus your mind away from the patterns of addiction.  


Rewards *

Not only does rewarding yourself help re-wire your brain receptors,

treating yourself well and being as kind to yourself makes life nice.

A little spoiling goes a long way,  especially during rugged transitions of any kind.




Quitting smoking has taught me much about myself and the human condition.

The truth and honesty involved in making and keeping a commitment to myself has been profound.

I know myself so much better.  I have exchanged an empty bravado for an inner trust and knowledge.


I am grateful to everybody here, your stories, your triumphs and your lapses, too.

ALL have helped me understand the hideousness of nicotine addiction

and the Power of Choice, the Preciousness of Freedom.


I am so proud to be part of this community.

Y'all are beautiful nicotine free creatures, my friends.





Joel Spitzer's Quit Smoking Library


Riffing On H.A.L.T.


* The Significance of Rewards





To anyone beginning their journey, I would recommend this thread,

    10 Ways To Effectively Use This Forum To Stop Using Nicotine






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