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Day 2 begins...



And I'm feeling strong. I have my patch on and am feeling committed. What a miracle. I will stay vigilant though and stay close to the board.  Today I will be venturing out of the house to my 12 step meeting where there are always smokers, some willing to let you bum one but I'll have a former smoker friend with me who knows I'm quit. I'll breathe deep through the meeting and leave it without smelling of smoke and grateful I passed my first challenge.


I'm experiencing what I think is withdrawal...not from nicotine, since I have a patch on...but maybe withdrawal from some of the other chemicals in cigs? I just feel a bit worn out and keep feeling like I need to have a biiiiig stretch. Bit of a runny nose. When I was withdrawing from drugs I had the same symptoms. Oh well, whatever it is, I will walk through it and get well again.


Things for me to remember:


My sister and brother in law are overjoyed I quit


I don't have to worry about smelling up their beautiful new home with the smell of cigs


I don't have to feel the embarrassment and self-consciousness when smoking in front of people or when walking out the front door to smoke knowing my sister and brother in law are disappointed in me.


I can already breathe better, which tells me how much I'd impaired my lungs by smoking and vaping


When I go to the doctor I can say I'm a nonsmoker


Remember how good it felt to have doctors congratulate you on quitting and acknowledge how difficulit it must have been?


My children will be proud of me when they find out I quit


After 10-15 years my cancer risk will return to that of someone who'd never smoked


My heart and lungs will be healthy


These are my reasons. I will do this for me but also for them.







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