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vuse commercials



Ok so what am i missing here. They have banned all cigarette commercials on tv right. Oops of course thats right .But now they are pushing those damn  vaps and electronic cigs on tv. Now they sell it as the new stage of smoking.   WTF  it should be listed as the new way to commit suicide.So now i got to wonder who is making the money on these wink wink. As if i would need to research that lol. Its the tabaco company of course.If they werent their lobbiest would have put the kibosh on it a long time ago.They know that it will lead to more and more people smoking the new cool way . My god  what has this world come to.

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I agree Richard.  They have been advertising the Jule here and I notice it is as if they are implying you would be quitting by changing over to the Jule.  Just a different way of sucking you in.

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Big  tobacco is  definitely switching to E cigarettes they have been in the process of doing that for at least a year that I’m aware of. I read somewhere one of the companies was going to quit selling cigarettes all together and just sell e cigs. Of course they want you to think it’s cause they care about the consumers health, but it all about the money.

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