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Watching Marie Kondo - Tidying Up & Craving



Craving a smoke badly. Not Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. Thought about posting an SOS, but I asked myself, "Am I really that close to flipping mindsets and going out to buy cigarettes?"

Nah. It's too cold outside. It's dark. I've eaten a light, healthy dinner. I walked about a mile today with my dog, so I feel pleasantly invigorated. Don't want to pollute my lungs or hand over any savings to tobacco magnates. 

I was watching a series on Netflix about people tidying up their homes with Marie Kondo. As the families in each episode go through their "stuff" and decide what to keep or part with, I began remembering my former home and how much I have lost. The sadness made me teary for a few moments, but then I sat up straight and shook it off. I returned to present-oriented and forward-thinking.

Shifting my focus triggered a powerful craving. This is the point where I would have celebrated the transition from gloom to acceptance by going outside to have a smoke. 

And now I'm remembering my own post today about a bright line. Gloom is on the other side of the bright line. I am on this side, the right side. The bright line is inviolable. 

Deep breaths. Craving is weakening. Another episode of exerting willpower, and now I can relax again. Not taking a chance of recurring cravings today, though. It's only 6:00-ish (pm), but I will go to bed early. I dreamed once, recently, that I was arguing about smoking with someone. I didn't want to, but he was strong and demanding. Other than that, no dreams about smoking or craving in my sleep. 

One's willpower ebbs as the day progresses and by evening temptations can feel impossible to resist.

A few dark chocolate chips for a dopamine hit. A mango. Then brush teeth and to sleep.

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I'm glad you got past that craving Kate, each time you do that the crave gets weaker. You're winning girlfriend! Have a good night's sleep xoxo

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Ebb and flow...ebb and flow.   I'm reading Marie Kondo's book.  Haven't watched the series.  I'm unpacking boxes from a former life.   Ebb and flow - waves of nostalgia and how we once coped will wash over.  Yes, wash over from time to time - but never saturate.  Carry on with dark chocolate chips and mangoes.  


Dear Lawd I have a ton of useless crap that doesn't bring me any freakin' joy.

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