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it will be easier tomorrow

christine 12


I am not normally a drama queen, but it's just really HARD for some reason to quit and I feel like I'm being a big baby about it. The other times I tried to quit, it didn't seem to last for hours. Maybe I just gave in soon after the obsessive thoughts started? Or possibly I'm just having a manic episode. This is a possibility due to being schizoaffective. Either way, I need to deal with it. I am running out of energy from pacing around too much. I even went to sit in the smoking chair in the garage, to see how I would feel. It didn't do anything, except the air STANK like old cigarette butts.


I do feel somewhat better than I did a half hour ago. Still thinking about it, but it is not overwhelming. I've been smoking since I was twelve. Most of my life. I really want to quit. I will quit this time. 


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Just say Christine... you have quit, you have been quit for nearly 3 days.

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Glad you're feeling a little better Christine, keep writing and getting your feelings out. I read my posts every month so I wouldn't forget where I came from. Your postings will do you well when you can look back at them and be thankful you got past it. :)

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