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Saved by a bic pen, a straw, and the quit train



Yesterday was a bit of a roller coaster for me but i made it through. Just when I felt confident I had a major trigger that I've not dealt with before and panicked. All of my planning went out the window but I got great suggestions in SOS to use a straw like a cigarette, deep breathe, and lollipops or other hard candies. I didn't have a straw so I used a bic pen. I made it through just fine.  I read today that once you experience and deal with a cue/trigger that it won't impact you as much the next time. That's encouraging news. I have to be vigilant of those unexpected "firsts" that seem to come out of nowhere like a gut punch.


Today I will experience another first time trigger. I will be driving approximately 3 hours to the beach. I sometimes smoke 5-6 cigarettes on that trip. I have not smoked on the trip a couple of times when i was carting my daughter and her friends so I know that I can do it. I will take my straws, breath mints, hard candy, and ice water to substitute when the urge hits me. If those fail me, I will curse or sing loudly. I'll figure out something to take care of myself and not smoke. 


My husband just texted me that he is on his last cigarette. That is a great benefit. It will be nice to have company. BUT, my quit is not dependent on him because my quit is for me. I will have to read some stuff on this subject...because I think it's pretty easy to cave in if someone close to you caves in...


Related side benefit of not smoking today: Three of six drawers in my chest of drawers are sorted and organized :-) 



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You did great yesterday Rose and now that you're armed with your tools I'm betting you'll be fine :) I used my JAC (jillars air cigarette) for months and it worked for me every time. You may even want to pass those clues on to your hubby.

And speaking of him, how cool he's decided to quit as well :) We've had several couples since I've been on the forums quit together and done great. We've also had many successful quitters who still have a spouse who smokes. They, like you, quit for themselves and no one else. Have a great beach day and we're here if you need us :)

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Everything you said is right on!!


Anticipating whatever triggers you can allows you to take them on much easier. When you realize that you can get past these situations, the addiction gets weaker and you get stronger. That's why it's recommended you stick around for at least a year - all seasons. Each may have their own set of triggers for you. Christmas/New Years with parties and family gatherings. That kind of thing. Each season has different situations coming along for the first time since you've quit.


And yes - this quit is for YOU! It's a benefit to your loved ones too but it's your quit. You own it and YOU are responsible for it and when you have that solid long term quit, YOU are the one who reaps the rewards. Carry on Rose - doing great :)

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Sounds like you are armed and ready for your trip to the beach!! Have a great time!


Just think how great that coconut-smelling suntan lotion will smell without a layer of smoke!! smileys-happy-794419.gif

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