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I've tried quitting so many times. I'm so nervous about my approaching quit date. I'm 55 smoking since I was 17. I'm so tired of feeling crappy. I want to feel good. Any tips or advice I would so welcome ❤️


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There are some great resources on this site.  I recommend the Junkie Thinking post.  I'm no expert.  I'm just 6 days into my quit.  After you do smoke your last one, find the NOPE forum.  Make that commitment every single day.  Maybe more than one time per day.  Maybe you need to do it hourly instead of daily....but do look at the Junkie Thinking Post in the forum.  Have you read Allen Carr's book?  If not, please do so.  It is very helpful.  One book I read said "Don't tell anybody".  I don't completely agree.  Maybe don't broadcast it, but you probably know someone who has quit....maybe more than one.  If there's someone with a gentle spirit who has quit, confide in them.  It helps to have the sympathy of someone who has been there.


When you do quit, use the S,O.S. forum if you are struggling.  It sometimes takes a bit for someone to reply, but they will and it WILL HELP.  Pray.  A lot.  I should have said that first.  Post your progress, your feelings and even your failures here.  Nobody is judgmental.  This is certainly not the first time I've tried to quit.  I even quit completely for a year once.  We've all tripped and we've all fallen.  If you do.....maybe we can help bandage the scrapes and get you back on the path.

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Thank you for your reply, didn't get any responses for awhile, so didn't even know if this was a legit site still?? I didn't start, I caved.

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Pick yourself up and try again Wizmo! Anyone can do this quitting thing if they want it badly enough. You just have to be prepared to put in a lot of hard work for awhile as you not only rid your body of nicotine but as you also start rewiring your brain to function normally as a non-smoker. That's really the hardest part as far as I'm concerned and takes the longest too. Just say NOPE every day. It's really that simple :)

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