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The thing about relapse, or considering it...






Quit Date: 10/07/2013


Posted October 4, 2014 


is that you may not ever quit again.  This is a very realistic outcome if you choose to smoke again.  We've all heard that smoking doesn't make anything better when in fact it makes it worse.  It's doesn't calm you down, solve your problems and instead costs a small fortune and kills you.


If you've started again, quit and right the ship.  If you're thinking about smoking again, quickly get that thought under control and make a decision based on facts, not emotion.  Emotion is what has always caused me to relapse.  I was pissed off, stressed or in some funk. 


Here are a couple of videos to give you some things to think about work through this.  Just hang on, before you know it these rough times will pass.  :) Stay positive and stick around here.  With the nuts we have here (I'm the lead nut, thank you very much) you can't help but stay at least a little bit positive.


The Power Of Nicotine Addiction

Video explains the full power of the grip that nicotine can take on an individual and the consequences that can be faced if a person does not quit smoking.




Who Wants To Go Back To Smoking?

This video discusses how former smokers at times think they want to go back to smoking, but if they really remind themselves of the package deal that goes along with being a smoker, it will be easy for them to stick to their quit.




Are You Stronger Than Your Cigarettes?

This video discusses the importance of understanding that you won't be able to quit smoking and stay free by becoming stronger than cigarettes but rather by becoming smarter than nicotine.




"It's Inevitable, Some Smokers Are Going To Relapse" 

If you are a member of any quit smoking support group, whether it be online or a live program, it is likely that some members of your group are going to fail. You should not interpret this fact to mean that it is likely or inevitable that you are going to fail. Video spells out the major difference between people who relapse and those who don't.





Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/2942-the-thing-about-relapse-or-considering-it/



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