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It's All Relative






Posted June 27, 2014 · 


Coming close to the 2 year mark for me and as i look back at my quit smoking journey I recongnize the transformation that has occurred in my life since that lucky Friday the 13th back in 2012.  


The transition was slow....of course in the beginning...it was all about quitting smoking.  That had to take priority.  It was the fight of my life and I was in the ring (like Rocky fighting against the big Russian dude)  It was all about the quit.


Fast forward a few months and my ambition and drive was wavering a little.  I was now 20 pounds heavier....the excitement from being a non smoker was fading, my personal life was very stressful (cause I was focusing on everyone else) and I just didn't feel as good as I envisioned I would.


That was the crossroad for me....I could either continue on the downward spiral and eventually at some point pick up smoking again...or focus hard on my fitness...my health overall.  


Took me a while, and I have a long way to go...but i'm seeing my body changing and the strength I have is incredible.  Feeling really good and strong and healthy.  Amazingly healthy.  Better than I have since my 20's!  Never thought that would be possible.


This morning after eating my egg white vegetable omelette...I let the dogs outside and for a split second...I craved a cigarette.  haha...I just laughed and thought to myself..."yea right...like you would really screw all that hard work up"  


There is no going back now...only forward.  You see...it is all relative.  Quitting smoking, eating healthy, getting exercise every single day at your maximal level.  Take care of your body..it's the only place you have to live.  When you stay in that frame of mind...smoking is way way way way down on the list of "wants".  


Keep at it folks...it really REALLY does get better.


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Excellent! This gives much hope for better and brighter tomorrows. 

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