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Take action today to prevent a relapse


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Take action today to prevent a relapse

From Keep Quit by Terry Rustin

Recovering smokers are most vulnerable to relapse in the first week after quitting. At that point, their nicotine level has dropped to zero and they are beginning to feel the symptoms of withdrawal. These symptoms - irritability, difficulty concentrating, mood swings, insomnia, and craving for a cigarette - build in intensity. Research shows that 25% of people who quit smoking relapse within the first 2 days; an additional 25% relapse during the next week. By the end of the first year, 88% have relapsed. Each year thereafter, a certain percent return to smoking - even 20 years after quitting.

Did you think about smoking again in the first 2 days after you quit? In the first week? Now that you have not smoked for several weeks, you have made it past the most critical period. That's the good news. The bad news is that you are still at risk for relapse - and always will be. Therefore, you must do something positive every day to stay clean and free.

Take action today to prevent a relapse. When did you have the time and the opportunity today to do work on your recovery, but chose to do something else? Are you willing to make a commitment to yourself and to your future to take every opportunity to make progress during this next week?






Change requires an action . Keeping quit takes action .  Smoking or thoughts of smoking are addictions cunning way of making you react in an even more negative way to a bad circumstance , stress , depression , anxiety , or negative emotion.

Bad circumstances ....change the things you can .

Lots of stress , learn healthier ways to cope . Change the things you can . 

Negative feelings , we all get them and we have the power to change a negative Into a positive . Action !  All it takes is action to change the things we CAN change . Smoking is not a solution it's a reaction . -Abby 





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QuitTrain®, a quit smoking support community, was created by former smokers who have a deep desire to help people quit smoking and to help keep those quits intact.  This place should be a safe haven to escape the daily grind and focus on protecting our quits.  We don't believe that there is a "one size fits all" approach when it comes to quitting smoking.  Each of us has our own unique set of circumstances which contributes to how we go about quitting and more importantly, how we keep our quits.


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