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Types of Quit.


Every quit starts with a seed that is planted......


Abstinence quit:


The soil is poor and the thin roots grow deep, seeking nutrients and sustenance. Constantly moving and searching to no avail. Above ground a gnarled stump protrudes. It's only branch produces fruit which never ripens. Month in and year out the tree becomes more twisted and gnarled


“Bitterness is an arid emotion. It bears no fruit”

Similarly a quit based on abstinence bears no fruit!

It is only based on time.....tick tock....and it can end at any time.....tick tock


Fair weather quit:


The tap root barely goes down a few feet. It quickly feeds on all the surrounding nutrients. Above ground a slender, beautiful sapling grows. Soon it's branches are heavy with fruit.... and then a storm hits!


A tree without strong roots will not stand long.....


“Hoping without planning is like waiting for the harvest, without planting. Nothing happens!”


All weather quit:


The ground is rich and the roots grow thick and deep. They consistently feed the new sapling above ground. Early storms are weathered due to strong roots. The tree grows above and below ground.

In it's first year it's tender branches bear delicate fruit. Every season it grows stronger!

One season the tree produces a mass of flower and fruit and a huge storm hits....

The flowers and fruit are stripped. Branches are torn and a huge bough is split and crashes to the ground.


Yet the tree stands!

It looks bare and forlorn but true strength is often hidden.

Soon the buds appear again and it grows to a wondrous size.


The mighty NOPE tree


Come and join the forest......



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