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  1. Just keep going Shezi you'll make it I've got the upmost respect for anyone who quits smoking...the psychological effect it has on you is incredible and it's that that I've struggled with the most. I'm a firm believer in doing what works so if you're on patches crack on I say...at least youre not putting all those harmful chemicals inside you. Best of luck
  2. 3 months today Still hanging on there despite some touchy situations that normally would have me reaching for a cigarette. I do believe today that there isn't just one cigarette, or puff even, and in very short order I would be back to my usual smoking behaviour if I believe the lie that I can "just have one". My apologies if I don't post here to often. There are folks here who do a far better job of sharing their experience and hope than I could just at this moment. I will though keep posting when I can and especially when I hit a target date if only to demonstrate to anyone who
  3. 2 months today the cravings are nowhere near as strong or frequent. Also I had quite a stressful family issue this week and albeit a fag came into my mind I soon dismissed it which is a good thing I reckon.
  4. Very sound advice..ty reciprocity and I do intend on making this forum part of my recovery/quit. I have already learnt so much from the wisdom and knowledge here, its allowed me to see my addiction from a different angle and other areas of my life also. It occured to me yesterday that for over 50 years I've had a stimulant or a sedative inside my body...its quite interesting to find out how my body now copes without any sort of crutch...so far so good anyway
  5. Good to hear you've returned Sos77
  6. Hi and good morning all Well its 7 weeks today..feels like forever but i have learnt a lot in what also seems a short time, work that one out It impresses me cos I didnt think I could stay away from a smoke for 7 minutes! But i also know I can never be complacent. Still getting about 3 cravings a day, sometimes more but they dont seemto last as long or be as intense. Thanks for your messages of support and good wishes. I do pop in here pretty much every day to remind myself and refocus so your support means a lot
  7. Hi and good morning everyone Many thanks for your words of wisdom. I'm feeling a lot more positive and focused today. I feel I had to go through that bad patch to come out the other side and feel a little bit more stronger and strengthen my resolve to kick this horrible addiction. I've had a good read around all the great info on here and will continue to do so, knowledge is power in my book and I never go into a battle with an empty gun. The more I learn about my enemy(addiction) the weaker it seems to get but I also realise I can never be complacent, but
  8. Hi All Well I'm still here, smoke free and a bit battered and bruised psychologically but a bit wiser too I hope. I think I made the mistake of underestimating this addiction and complacency set in a little, ignoring triggers, feeling sorry for myself and not appreciating what I have etc. and I paid the price. I have decided to up my game, change my attitude and also to try and keep all this in the day and recognise and enjoy the small victories. I'm sure you have probably told me this anyway so forgive me for not paying attention I seem to have to seriously suffer be
  9. Hi all, I've really struggled this weekend. I was hoping 6 weeks in that the cravings etc wouldve eased but they seem to have been stronger than ever, and one after the other, I feel emotionally exhausted but I havent had a fag. I'm not claiming any of the credit here though, it's only the champix stopped me cos I knew it would do nothing for me. Pretty despondent at the mo I'm afraid.
  10. Thank you all for your valued advice and experience, also your positive support...it really helps
  11. Hi again all Still here and its 6 weeks tomorrow. Had some really strong euphoric recalls over the last few says, like cravings but more psychological if that makes sense. I felt like my brain was full of fog and I was feeling very flat emotionally. The only thing I did right was not take a puff I have a feeling that it might be the champix so I'm gonna try going without it, I've not had any today and feel a lot stronger and more positive so see how it goes. Has anyone else had a similar experience to me? It would help to know and how you dealt with it.
  12. Thank you for the kind reception. I know enough that I have to make this my priority at the moment. I have recently retired so the pressures of work are removed at least. I trust and believe in what you say that it gets better so I'm just trying to keep things in the day and adopt some patience I also know that one cigarette would send me right back into the addiction and I'm determined for that not to happen, for today at least
  13. Hi..names Mick and I stopped smoking on 19 July with the help of a stop smoking counsellor and champix. I'm 66 and just been blessed with a granddaughter, hence the reason I want to stop, amongst many others! I'm not gonna say it's been easy but its helped me to find out about my enemy, nicotine, and how to deal with it and the lies and tricks it plays on me. I've joined this forum cos I think the support you give will also help me. Anyway, thanks for having me here and I look forward to meeting you all.

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