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  1. Hi Mac. Thank you. It feels good to be back again. I’m disappointed in myself because I had done so well and gotten through the tough days but I can do it again.
  2. Thanks to you both. I remember it made a big difference staying close last time. I commit to trying my best every day. I really want this.
  3. Hi QT family. I’m on day one after relapsing for six months. I had a really good quit and thought I would never go back but here I am. I already feel the anxiety and shakes for it being day 1. But I’m determined that this time will be for good. My throat hurts bad and I was feeling the physical effects more and more each day. Happy to be back and I’m going to try and make this happen again.
  4. Thanks everyone who responded with all this overwhelming encouragement. I re-read your messages often and it gives me strength to get through this storm. I’m committing to NOPE. Never again.
  5. Hi Sazerac... the depression part has seemed to take hold and I’m trying to stay positive. I’ve started on the medication and although I don’t want to depend on it, I need the help right now. Still no cravings! I never want to have one again. Never. I just want to get back to my self without the sadness. Thank you for checking on me. You have been such a huge support to me.
  6. @reciprocity hi. Thanks for the check in. I’m in a deeper depression today. I called in to work. I’ve already contacted my doctor and started on antidepressants a couple of days ago so I’m hoping that will help. I just want to feel myself again. Hope all is well. Thanks again.
  7. Hi everyone. I was quit for over 2 years and relapsed 6 months ago :( but I’ve since been quit again for two weeks today but my symptoms are bad. I never got over my chronic SOB which makes me so mad at myself for starting again. I have horrible anxiety and depression, my legs ache badly, I’m tired and can’t seem to shake it. I have no cravings, I just want this all to go away any suggestions?

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