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  1. I really Thank you guys... you are really great with your valuable advises... I love you all... : ) I am working on it... week tends to get better.... JH63., you nailed it by saying to play smart even with your own brain....
  2. Thanks Kate... : ) Guys, will keep posted on progress.. this week seems bit lighter and better... looks like i am getting to see light in that dark tunnel but not so confident.... Thanks
  3. Hey Mike, Thanks for assurance and courage, fingers cross for your journey on quit, congratulations Mike, I am happy for you as you have taken this challenge up again and hope you will never never relapse and do keep it touch guy you are right wave of sadness is just tip of the eye, your mood changes just like that, upper muscles are sore and always twitchy sounds when i move around which is very disturbing. I hope it gets better by time and does not lead to anything bad. I am glad that i left the habit before any disaster occurs , more like a self awakening in pursuit of becoming fit and be more near to family. Since you have already experienced this during your 1 year quit, i feel it will get better for me also but i do not want to return to it with the issues i experienced. As per advise i have started to read Shawn Acor's book "The Happiness Advantage" its a nice one keeps me focused for a while and i loose all of it as soon as I experience pain, i have to stay strong at it, i liked the idea of meditate whenever you feel stressed or worked out be it for 5 minutes working on it...regarding ACCUPUNTURE i have to get it done as time permits not available in my area though... as far as I remember i did cupping 8 months back...i agree its relief for day or two and accupuncture and pyshio therapy could do wonders I have been given placebo's my dear doctor as I dislike to take medicines which never solved any of my issues during 8 months problem and kept me scared with side effects, by my dear doctor for my condition i told her, she is been kind enough and taken the charge to support me during the process, referred me to Dietician suggested by Kate also, Physicotherapist and so on. started her medication and sure will make difference
  4. Hi Johnny5, Sorry for late reply, i been away from google thinking it is causing me confusion more, i think you are right , every ones quit is different, i am on 8 months 10 days quit, experiencing anxiety/depression with chest muscle aches coldness, something bad rolling in upper back, pain or something unable to describe it, gases and burps at peak, wanted to know how long did your anxiety phase last and what trick did really help, i really do not want to go with medicines, been doing walking and breathing exercises and fighting through this. Hi Kate, Thank you for offering help, I really concentrated on diet and worked on food in tolerances , to be honest i could eat and digest anything before quit , i did give up on spicy food, sugar, milk and see if its helps, it did bring my acidity down leaving burps and gases... i been using yogurt in case it helps, for me honestly anything i eat or not eat , they are creating burps and gases, first my stomach gurgles then comes the burp... so i am like why not i eat more and more gain strengths and beat the pain, I become very anxious, alert and start thinking anything wrong is happening to me...:( hope not, deep inside I believe it is all recovery process my body is adjusting and giving me pain, meanwhile my negative thoughts are confusing me and making me feel my symptoms worse and at its peak... I did take up task of walking 30 min, yoga 20 min and 15 min meditation to keep me in peace to keep myself cool and kill the irritation. I hope to have next better week. Hi Angeleek, Yes, all these issues started after quitting and reports are all good, i agree mind is messing up with my symptoms too, I am doing exercises with light stretches to keep myself busy to get good sleep, how was your experience like?
  5. Thanks Jill, Would consider a CT scan in times if condition does not improve or getting worse Hi Johnny, Even at 8 Months i just want to see light in tunnel, when do you think things back to normal, some say this tingling pain must be your lungs recovering Hi Doreen, I am ok with those reports but just the pains keep me worried and engaged in thoughts of something bad is happening
  6. Hi Jillar, Thank you so much for reply, That really gives me relief , lucky your sense of humor calms me down, just wondering if gas can cause pain in chest, has anybody faced this kind of tingling pain left chest area . It is all the time ok while brisk walking, it gives pain only while i am sitting, i did do the treadmill test, Troponin test, x ray of chest and my cardiologist has confirmed heart is ok, but sudden pain in chest or center scares the hell out of me daily and moods are always down as if I have lost lots in life, im always irritable towards kids and temper keeps loosing not sure its me or those withdrawals.
  7. Hello Sazerac, what a lovely forum made by team and appreciate your come back. I would like to Thank you for your reply and do understand your advise I been seeking all kind of medical advise from health professionals, seems like medical experts seem to deny on what is happening with me and dismissing the discussion by saying its all in your head. I convince myself may be its not life threatening and will settle by time, as I am regularly able to do the walk for 30 min with out any issues, for Burping / Farting and Chest tightness, tingling pain issue they prescribed my Acidity Meds, not really helping but I will continue the course and control diet. Just wanted seek ex-smokers experiences if this is really happening with someone or just I am over assuming on whatever is happening and getting over worried about it. I want to feel i am not alone in this pain and discuss to seek encouragement and help in continuing the quit
  8. Hi All, I am 40 yrs old , started to smoke at age of 16 not a heavy smoker though 7-8 sticks a day and cold turkey quit on sept 2019 , hardly smoked a 2 -3 sticks before quit for 4-5 months, did not know about withdrawals, just left the habit thinking i can just give it away just like that, after 15 days time i started feeling sick and 2 months went in being sick from GERD/ Acid reflux , left chest shoulder and neck pains, irritability, low self esteem, insomnia, restlessness, muscle spasms , fog, confusion etc, anxiety and depression .. snapping of left shoulder blade which is making cracking, grinding and muscles staying sore later after 2 months , been to several doctors, done ECG, EKG and blood tests done every thing came up fine but the thought of something wrong happening inside my chest whenever tingling pain in chest was killing me every day... So I kept on googling for symptoms and figured out and started to learn about the nicotine withdrawals by that time i came to know all of this I was morally down down and went crazy thinking, Friends and Doctors started saying its all in my head or I am creating stories , no one believed to what is happening to me, Then step by step as months passed by I followed some websites and gave myself time and patience hoping everything will become alright, I did not take up to strong medicines only counter medicines so that nothing affects my body with another medicinal withdrawals ..that is how my 8 months passed till now gases or do not know what want hurts my chest, I been continuously burping and farting. tingling pain in my left chest area makes me confused and depressed daily, i do have 3 little kids ( 2, 4 and 8 yrs old ), feel bad to not be part of them in their activities, usually pretend to be with them i keep feeling guilty of not being a part , i quit thinking i will be a role model for my children . I want to take care of them and i am almost into tears every day inside with pain and grief in me not knowing who to express, Neither want to go back to smoking nor I have that urge of smoking, Yes sometimes I feel did i make wrong decision of quitting I wouldnt have such pains in me but going back I feel i do not want to cause myself harm any more. Honestly i do not understand what is happening to me and how long this strange feelings continue, left chest area feels heavy, some times cold , sometimes tingling pain, some thing crawling behind my upper back in spine area, this feeling increases more when I sit, and when I stand burps continue and gases keep passing and sudden tingling pain in chest, snapping of left shoulder blade which is making cracking, grinding drives me crazy and affects my mood. it becomes scary daily, I have been the bold guy all the time, never bothered about any circumstances. but this has become my daily thought and concern. I really want to come out this thought circle. I really really feel lonely and seek support to understand what is really happening and has this happened to any of ex-smokers in group.

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