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  1. Not sure why I threw it away, only things I can think of is food, football and beer. All of which were going on on Saturday and those are the times I remember smoking the most.
  2. Welp made it to 30 days then I had 2 cigarettes this past Saturday on day 30. Gotta keep pushing along
  3. Yes, I’m still here. 21 days with no cigarettes. Have been battling the flu since last Sunday. The stress and anxiety are still here also but I’m doing good
  4. So I came upon this website while googling about brain fog while quitting smoking and I've been lurking for about 3 days or so. I originally quit on 10/6/2019 and went through the withdrawals and fought like hell but ended up relapsing on 10/31/2019, I smoked half a pack of cigs in about 3 1/2 hours while handing out candy on Halloween. Here I am, 14 days later with no cigarettes fighting the withdrawals again but I think im at a point of just having anxiety and stress. I have found this website and these forums very helpful over the last few days and just figured I would drop in and stop l

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