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  1. One week today! NOPE... not one puff EVER!
  2. Thank you all so much! Your support is greatly appreciated! I will stick around and keep reading and posting when I need a little boost!
  3. Hello all, I'm new to these boards but not to quitting. I began smoking at 15 and continued throughout college, marriage, babies (although I quit for both pregnancies), to now where I'm 42, still married, and my babies are now 9 and 12. I have spent probably the past 12-13 years trying to quit. I thought after the first pregnancy I'd quit for good. I would research and study everything that I could about addiction and smoking. Then, I thought that the second pregnancy I'd quit for good. Same thing, over the years I've watched Joel's videos, read Allen Carr's book, tried hypnosis-twice, patches, gum, Wellbutrin, e-cigs, running, crossfit, etc. I started studying yoga and breathing techniques and meditation...I even took a yoga teacher training hoping that it would help in my quest to quit smoking. I went from smoking a pack/day in college to 1-2 cigarettes/day now, unless I have alcohol. Although I learned a lot about nicotine addiction, I couldn't get my mind right. My husband does not smoke, but likes to drink and likes for me to drink with him. Well, in order for me to be able to successfully quit smoking, I know that I cannot drink for a while and he does not like that, so, he hasn't been that supportive in my attempts to quit in the past. This has been a major factor in my quitting and, sometimes I feel like if I could go away for a few months, I could quit easily...I have all the tools, I just need the support! Which leads me here today...I'm 2 days nicotine free b/c I refuse to spend anymore money on patches! I'm not the best with social media, and can't get on during the day due to work, but I need to remind myself to get on here as often as I can b/c this will probably be the only support that I get, especially when it gets closer to the weekend! Thank you all for listening!

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