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  1. Thankyou Johnny5 for the celebration post! Its a fantastic feeling reaching 4 years. Only seems like yesterday, times gone so fast and i can remember that day so clearly when i said I'M DONE and i just knew that i really meant it. It was the right time. I was well & truly done with the shit. I will be forever grateful to QSMB for the fantastic support i recieved from day 1.... They changed my mindset & kept me strong. Addicts helping addicts.....Way to go!!!!!!! When we,re in the grip of the addiction, we are sooo in denial. I see it so clearly now when im with smokers....almost like my smoke has cleared & i can see properly at last. & I realise how much i justified it to myself grrrrr! Feel like a complete mug for having allowed it to go on so long...32 years to be precise.Throwing all that hard earned money at Big tobacco. Being slowly strangled by the evil Nicodemon. I was 47 when i quit . The maddest thing is that I actually quit because I was sick of wasting so much money... That was my inspiration.........I was completely in denial at the time that the circulation problems i had were down to the smoking.I my ankles were purple & swollen , i had terrible aching legs, yet i was blind to it . Thank god i quit when i did, who knows what id be like now. We forget that the damage caused by smoking for so long cant be reversed overnight.... Its a slow gradual process of repair . After about 6 months i joined a gym and started Circuit training 3 times a week and Boxercise. This sort of exercise would have horrified me before i quit but it became my new hobby & very gradually i noticed improvements in my health. After about a year of quitting my legs no longer ached all the time ....that was phenomenal to me! As it stands now I can wear shorts & dresses again... my ankles are back to normal . I can keep up with people in their 20s at Circuit training.!!!! Not forgetting all the other benefits of quitting....Skin, Teeth, Smell,Taste the list is endless. I love my life without smoking. Take smoking off the table....Smoking is NOT an option. N.O.P.E
  2. I quit almost 4 years ago & qsmb was a massive part of my quit .in the last couple of years I would occasionally go & read on there to keep my quit strong. ..until I discovered it was no more...... glad to see such a happy merging of the 2 sites!!! Hi to anyone who remembers me & every one whose never heard of me too!!!

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