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  1. Losing my way

    I'm on day 79 Fab, I know what you are going through. We need to beat this. WE can do this.
  2. Best Quit Smoking Products?

  3. QuitTrain and QSMB !!!!

    That is awesome. I'm glad it helped!
  4. 2m 2d 21h

    Thanks everyone again for your support. We had a talk yesterday and I'm convinced that she doesn't want to smoke but she is struggling a lot with cravings, specially when we have a couple of beers. She'll get there.
  5. Congrats Jordan!! hahahaha Can I borrow it for a sec?. I have a couple of things to do...
  6. Tuesday 6th March 2018

  7. 2m 2d 21h

    Thanks for the support everybody. I'm glad I made it here. I was waiting for QSMB to magically come back, after I realized it wasn't i googled for other forums, when I clicked on this one I noticed all of our QSMB friends were joining. My wife doesn't speak english, I've tried to explain everything that I've learned but it hasn't worked as well Yes, I missed you guys... It's OK, I got through it, I should've known better, I went out and got drunk, but It was my birthday and I had to celebrate. ha. It does, it really does, she quit a couple of weeks after me. Those two weeks were not good.
  8. Lin-quitting Is On The Lido Deck!!

  9. 2m 2d 21h

    Hey Everybody, Ex-QSMB Member, glad I found you guys. Quick update for my QSMB buddies and my soon to be new QuitTrain friends. Made it to two months, hardly any cravings anymore. I got drunk a couple of times, DID NOT SMOKE!!! but it was torture. My wife is still hanging on but just barely, she's lapsed with a couple of puffs in the last weeks. She wants to smoke again, I know it, I think I'm the only reason she is not doing it, but I don't want her to feel forced, if I'm being honest I don't want to be around smoke in my house and I feel that if she starts smoking again it's going to be a problem. For you quitters that have partners that smoke, how do you handle it? Glad to be here. I had one SOS while QSMB was down and I didn't know who to turn to. I got through it but damn, I needed the forum.
  10. QuitTrain and QSMB !!!!

    Hello Everybody. I come bearing gifts!

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