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  1. Actually remembered to post on the day 2 Years 9 Months I hope you are all safe and well and the lock ins have not provided temptation. I have thought of it once or twice during my lock in but when I do I just have another bottle of gin Stay safe stay well and stay indoors x
  2. 2 years 8 months folks. Stay safe and stay home x
  3. Forgot to post .......... 2 years 7 months
  4. After this period of time I now think I’m entitled to do my monthly post in years after than months so 2 years 6 months.
  5. 29 months and a happy new year one and all
  6. 2 years yesterday feeling great but not getting complacent
  7. All the ducks 22. Keep on keeping on people xx
  8. All the ducks 22. Keep on keeping on people xx

  9. Whose got the key of the door never been 21 before
  10. Apologies to those who await my monthly post but I definitely forgot on the first of the month so...... 20 months done plus another milestone of £6000 past not spent on cigarettes. Keep on on keeping on people see you next month xx
  11. 18 up nearly forgot to post. Is that a good thing ?
  12. Happy new year everyone. Keep on keeping on. 17 up for me now ??⚒⚒
  13. The monthly check in 16 up now ???
  14. Glad to be of help even if it’s in a slightly obscure way lol

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