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21 March - over a week of Freedom



Grateful for the choice to quit smoking and the ease (99% of the time) of the transition.  In the past (many attempts over many years) this has not been my experience.

Only one wildly out of control craving and I am still here....free.

I am having trouble sleeping and the last few days more cravings than I have had.

Circumstances of the world likely influencing my sleep.

Hadn't been off property in over a week until today.  Went out to just ride around and see what the pulse of the nearest towns felt like.

   strange times....  I worry deeply about older (any age really) folks who aren't tech savvy (or who don't have the tech) and how they can remain connected vs. watching TV and listening to radio


Really concerned about my own mom.  She's a high risk person and just indicated to me that she wants to accept a position at her local grocery store working the phones.  I understand wanting to give back.  I understand doing something feels good mentally, ethically and physically.  I want my mom to follow her heart.   I want my mom, when her time comes, to pass peacefully.  The current statistics for that don't look good.    I do not smoke..  NOPE    I do not smoke.


Grateful for staying in close touch with many people I normally speak to infrequently.   Grateful for humour and kindness and having a safe secure place to live.


Feel a pressing need and desire for information with no way to find it where I'd trust the source....

       what are all the tanks doing in CA and near TX?

       is there and , if so, what is the large fire near Wu Han?

       why does it seem the U.S. is slow on the uptake here,... intentional?  Why?

       what happens to the folks currently using their retirement funds  to live when they are " sinking like the Titanic"?

I do not smoke.  NOPE   NOPE   NOPE    I do not smoke.


Delighted to have my most marvelous man to share life with.  My two cats.   Starting my garden.   All needs met and many wants, too. 

And I am FREE.image.png.4cac83fa75295d79cd9c828b62d1b503.png





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You're doing great darcy, blogs are a great way of getting things off your chest. Hopefully by writing it down it helps lessen your worries 😊

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