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How quickly we forget




Quit Date: 11/20/2013


Posted December 21, 2014 


  Yesterday was 13 months since my last cigarette....  :)


While wrapping presents tonight, my wife asked if I feel any "different" this year than i did last year.


After thinking about it for a few minutes, I had to say , that I truly dont remember how bad it REALLY felt last year...


Don't get me wrong,..I know I was having cravings every time I turned around and I think to some degree, still going the the "withdraw" process...maybe not physically, but mentally. I am sure my mind was always searching for an excuse to run outside and light up.....BUT


to actually remember that it was SOOO unbearable, or painful...I really cant remember...  I do remember that early in my quit it was a struggle..like we all have...but..its now more like a vague memory....


So..any of you newbies ou there who are recently quit..or one of you lurkers who are on the fence... The best advise I can give is to jump in with both feet and commit to the quit!!  There will be times that it seems almost impossible, but as time goes on, you will wonder to yourself why you ever even thought that it was impossible to quit!..


Just put your mind to it, commit to N.O.P.E. and you will soon find out what I am talking about...What you perceive as "hard" or "painful" is only temporary...the permanent effects from quitting smoking are sooooo much more memorable!!



Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/3890-how-quickly-we-forget/


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